Take the first steps towards a career in science learning through biotechnology, with 10 applied experiments, 80 materials and reagents, more than 20 hours of content and 150 pages of content in our KIB manual.


  • Knows and understands the environment that surrounds us from a scientific perspective, observing and analyzing how the vast majority of products that surround us come from biotechnological processes.
  • Understand through applied experiments how many biotechnological processes are carried out and the laboratory techniques used in a simple and fun way.
  • Develops science skills through learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) at home through the use of biotechnology experiments.
  • Promote biotechnology in a fun and dynamic way to the young people of our community through scientific education and encourage the training of young researchers.

Scintia KIB: Introduction to Biotechnology Kit

  • This kit of more than 80 pieces includes everything you need to get started in the world of biotechnology. Among the materials you will find professional laboratory equipment such as beakers, tweezers, cylinders, chromatography strips, DIY electrophoresis chamber, origami Foldscope microscope, in addition to safe-use laboratory reagents such as hydrogen peroxide, acetone, bicarbonate of soda. sodium, agarose. (Note: some additional household items are required)

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