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What do we do?

We carry an educational platform in biotechnology and synthetic biology, through the use of cutting-edge technologies to the school community through educational resources for teachers and students, from high schools and universities

With our scientific experience and the use of STEAM, we empower and motivate educational institutions to train new generations of scientists.

Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence will be the industries with the most impact on the economy by 2030.
The future of education and skills. Education 2030. OECD, 2018.

Biotechnology is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As it grows, education has to change to prepare new generations for the jobs of tomorrow.

Discover Scintia

We offer

Laboratory equipment and educational modules for practices in biotechnology, molecular biology, synthetic biology and genetic engineering.

Regulatory advice, workshops and certifications for biotechnology facilitators, support and resources for teachers, schools, students and entrepreneurs.

We empower teachers and students

Each teacher, regardless of their level of experience, can facilitate synthetic biology learning for their students with the support of our teams and through practical experiences, with real challenges.

Why is important to teach synthetic biology?

Here are some benefits of early education in synthetic biology:


Learn about current and high-level science topics


Encourage curiosity and active participation


Develop laboratory instrumentation manipulation skills

Promote the development of research skills


Apply critical and analytical thinking


Generate solutions to real problems in your environment based on scientific knowledge

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